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These are all the plants in the premium set, meaning that they can only be obtained through buying Premium Packs or crafting.

Quick-search table
PvZH Guardian Icon.png
Potato MineH.png CactusH.png Gardening GlovesH.png Grave BusterH.png Jugger-NutH.png
Sea-ShroomH.png Water ChestnutH.png Hibernating BearyH.png Pea-NutH.png Steel MagnoliaH.png
GuacodileH.png Mirror-NutH.png Prickly PearH.png Doom-ShroomH.png SmackadamiaH.png
Tough BeetsH.png Poppin' PoppiesH.png Soul PatchH.png Wall-Nut BowlingH.png
PvZH Kabloom Icon.png
Poison MushroomH.png Shroom for TwoH.png Wild BerryH.png Berry AngryH.png Mushroom RingleaderH.png
Poison IvyH.png Punish-ShroomH.png Pair of PearsH.png Petal-MorphosisH.png PinecloneH.png
Sergeant StrongberryH.png Sour GrapesH.png BluesberryH.png SizzleH.png Cherry BombH.png
Dandy Lion KingH.png Poison OakH.png Grapes of WrathH.png Kernel CornH.png
PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png
Bonk ChoyH.png Party ThymeH.png Pea PodH.png Sweet PotatoH.png Black-Eyed PeaH.png
Doubled MintH.png Fire PeashooterH.png Muscle SproutH.png The PodfatherH.png Bananasaurus RexH.png
Plant FoodH.png Re-Peat MossH.png SkyshooterH.png Potted PowerhouseH.png WhipvineH.png
Super-Phat BeetsH.png Espresso FiestaH.png
PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Admiral Navy BeanH.png Iceberg LettuceH.png ShelleryH.png Lightning ReedH.png Sow Magic BeansH.png
Chilly PepperH.png Rescue RadishH.png Spring BeanH.png VanillaH.png Bean CounterH.png
CarrotilleryH.png Navy BeanH.png SnapdragonH.png Winter SquashH.png Jumping BeanH.png
BrainanaH.png Winter MelonH.png The Great ZucchiniH.png
PvZH Solar Icon.png
Morning GloryH.png Fume-ShroomH.png Pepper M.D.H.png Sage SageH.png Twin SunflowerH.png
Water BalloonsH.png 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH.png Magnifying GrassH.png Venus FlytrapH.png Whack-a-ZombieH.png
BloomerangH.png ChomperH.png LawnmowerH.png Metal Petal SunflowerH.png Briar RoseH.png
Power FlowerH.png Laser BeanH.png Three-Headed ChomperH.png CornucopiaH.png

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