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This is the list of frequently asked questions about the wiki.


Why do I need to log in before I can edit pages?

Since Plants vs. Zombies is a game for all ages, and due to the COPPA law and Wikia's Terms of Use, users under 13 years old are not allowed to use social media (including Fandom). Circumventing it by going anonymous to edit is prohibited; thus, you need to log in before you can edit pages.


Why can't I edit pages?

It could be due to the following reasons:

  1. You are not logged in. This wiki requires you to log in before you can edit.
  2. You are trying to edit a semi-protected page using a new account (i.e. accounts that have less than 10 edits and joined this wiki less than four days).
  3. Your account is less than three days old. A filter stops all accounts younger than three days from editing to prevent vandalism and spam.
  4. You are trying to edit a fully protected page. Only moderators, admins, and bureaucrats can edit fully-protected pages.
  5. Your account is blocked, either by our staff or VSTF. This could also be an error if you happen to use an IP address that has been blocked by them, which is sometimes an issue for users using mobile data to access the internet. If this happens, try to disconnect and reconnect, and refresh the page.

How can I edit semi-protected pages?

You will need to have 10 edits and/or four days account age. After that, you will be able to edit them.

How can I request to edit fully protected pages?

You can try leaving a message to a moderator, administrator, or bureaucrat. See Plants vs. Zombies Wiki:Staff for a list of them.

I edited a page and now it becomes screwed up! What should I do?

This is a common issue for people using the visual editor. If this happens, try undoing your edits, and start over using the classic editor, accessible by clicking on the arrow next to the edit button.

I can't create a new page because the editor says that "this page has been protected from creation," or there is no "create this page" button on the page. Why?

A moderator, admin, or bureaucrat has create-protected the page due to certain reasons. You can try contacting one of them and see if they can unprotect it.

Why can't I edit upcoming content pages?

Recently, we have decided that all upcoming content pages should be fully protected. This is due to the amount of users who added false information into those pages that refuse to stop despite the warnings we have given. If you'd like to add something to the upcoming content pages, please contact one of the moderators, administrators, or bureaucrats to have your content added into the page. Make sure to include references whenever possible in order to verify if the content you are adding is true.


What happened to forums?

It has been archived and replaced with discussions.

Discord server

Why isn't the "Connect" button available on the Discord server widget?

This happens because a Discord admin has disabled the instant invite for the widget, most likely due to recent attacks to the server. You can try contacting one of the Discord admins or owners for more details.

Why can't I upload files in the general chat?

We've disabled file uploads for non-verified users to minimize uploads of pointless random images as well as preventing spammers from uploading unwanted files such as malware or inappropriate content, so that it helps keeping the general chat clean and mature. However, verified users can do this. To be verified, you need to have a good behavior on the server for some time. The Discord staff will verify you once they think you're worthy.

Wiki "terms"

What do all those terms mean?

  • Eaten by the zombies: Blocked.
  • Eating log: Block log


What's the difference between mainspace edits and total edits?

Mainspace edits are edits that you've done on articles. Total edits are the sum of all edits that you've done on the wiki, which includes things such as userpage edits, blog posts/comments, etc.

Note that mainspace edits are preferred for most wiki policy requirements due to quality control reasons.