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Corn cob
A corn cob about to hit the ground

Corn cob is the projectile launched by the Cob Cannon and it is capable of destroying a horde of zombies in an area in one shot (excluding the Gargantuar and Giga-gargantuar, which take two and four hits respectively). It is aimed manually, unlike every other projectile in Plants vs. Zombies. The corn cob, like a usually shot short-ranged ballistic missile, is shot in the sky by a Cob Cannon and lands directly on top of the desired target, exploding once it reaches the ground. Its kill area covers a surface of a 3x3 square, the same area as the Cherry Bomb, dealing 1800 damage. In the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2, the corn cob deals 1200 damage.


The corn cob is a projectile that is launched from a Cob Cannon. It must be recharged for 36.41 seconds, but is still very useful. The player should aim at hordes of zombies, as it will kill all the zombies in the area, but they should make sure to take into account the amount of time between the cob being shot into the air and when it hits, so in front of the initial target is ideal.

For more strategies, see Cob Cannon.
Cob Cannon's popcorn (small to big)
The scorch left by a Corn Cob explosion


Specific to Plants vs. Zombies

  • The corn cob is the only non-automatic projectile in Plants vs. Zombies because it requires to be manually launched.
  • It can be aimed between tiles in the PC version.
  • The corn cob is the largest plant projectile, and the third largest projectile in the game, right before the fireball and the iceball of Dr. Zomboss' Zombot.
  • In the PlayStation Vita version of the game, a glitch occurs that does not allow corn cobs to be fired on other plants. To deal with this, the player can keep a clear square to fire corn cobs, or use the PlayStation 3 controls.
  • When aiming the cob in the PC version of the game, the player can right-click or use the "Esc" key to cancel the aiming.
    • If the player is careful, they can also click on the Cob Cannon itself.
      • It is recommended not to do so (unless zombies are near the Cob Cannon), as then Cob Cannon will just shoot itself, wasting the cob.
  • The game refers to it as "cob of corn."

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