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Plants vs. Zombies: Original Edition (植物大战僵尸原版, pinyin: Zhíwù dàzhàn jiāngshī yuánbǎn) is a Chinese-exclusive version of Plants vs. Zombies based on Plants vs. Zombies FREE, repurposed from Plants vs. Zombies 2: Evolve. It is developed to be a mini program on platforms such as WeChat due to the lack of official downloadable version of Plants vs. Zombies in mainland China.


Note: PopCap has devoted enormous effort over the years to bring additional game modes that were once only available on the PC into the iOS and Android platforms. This page will only show the design differences that affect how players would gain access to each game mode, but will not dig into the details of the game modes.

Adventure Mode

Main article: Adventure Mode

The Adventure Mode differs from the old versions in that it features a level selector, allowing players to select any previously unlocked levels and replay those levels. Noticeable design features of the level selector include:

  • The level selector consists of five tabs representing the areas: Day, Night, Pool, Fog, and Roof.
  • Each level consists of a thumbnail representing the level, and an icon representing the plants or items obtained from that level.
    • The first, third, sixth, and eighth levels will show the new zombie encountered on the thumbnail. (The only exception is Level 1-1 which shows a Flag Zombie, which was first encountered in Level 1-2)
    • The second, fourth, seventh, and ninth levels will show the regular Zombie on the thumbnail.
    • Plants obtained after each level are shown under the level thumbnails.
    • Items and Notes are represented by a smiley Sunflower icon.
    • Clicking on a locked level or trying to start a new level with 2 saved progresses will emit a sound identical to the sound when Jack-in-the-Box Zombie opens its box.
  • Players at one area can preview the levels in the next area at furthest. For example, if a player is currently on a Day level, then he/she can preview the Night area levels, but not further areas.
  • The Suburban Almanac can be accessed from the level selector.

Other game modes unlocked during the game:

More Ways to Play

The More Ways to Play UI provides access to Mini-games, Puzzle Mode and Survival Mode.


Main article: Mini-games

Puzzle Mode

Main article: Puzzle Mode

Puzzle Mode was first unlocked during Level 1-4. It consists of five sub-modes: Vasebreaker, I, Zombie and Last Stand.

More levels are unlocked as the player advance in Adventure Mode.

Each Endless level has its own online leaderboards ranking.

Survival Mode

Main article: Survival Mode

Survival Mode was unlocked once the player finishes Adventure Mode for the first time.

The levels are unlocked sequentially, the same as in the PC version. However, there is only one level (Survival: Day) unlocked by default, as opposed to three levels on PC.

The Survival Mode includes Survival: Day, Survival: Night, Survival: Pool, Survival: Fog, Survival: Roof, Survival: Day (Endless), Survival: Night (Endless), Survival: Pool (Endless), Survival: Fog (Endless) and Survival: Roof (Endless). The hard levels are not included.

Each Endless level has its own online leaderboards ranking.

Zen Garden

Main article: Zen Garden (PvZ)

The Zen Garden allows you to take care of plants in a stress-free environment and make money. It is a subset of the Zen Garden in the PC version (with Tree of Wisdom absent). Some common features unique to the iOS and Android versions are:

Game icons


Returning plants


Returning zombies

Bugs and differences



  • Zombies no longer drop arms and heads due to censorship.
  • One account can only have one save, but cloud save is accessible.
  • Week Login, and later Month Login gives daily rewards.
  • Players can access the WeChat game community from the main menu for extra rewards and game announcements.
  • Achievement menu removed a lot of references to PopCap's other games, leaving only the pipe and Chinese zombies.
  • When starting a new save, the player can choose to skip level 1-1.
  • Some plants and zombies' Chinese translations are changed.
  • Most levels have star requirements similar to Plants vs. Zombies: Endless Edition.
    • Flying Imp is absent. The requirements are: Beat the level, do not lose lawnmowers, and do not lose more than 3 plants.
  • A level can be skipped, but the player will only get 1 star in return.
  • Gatling Pea can only be obtained by sharing the game link or watching advertisements twice.
  • Twin Sunflower can only be obtained in Month Login or by sharing game link to five account friends.
  • Winter Melon can be obtained in Week Login after sharing game link or whatching an advertisement.
  • In a level, the player have access to three types of items (some levels ban certain items), one gives 500 sun, one enables auto-collection coins and sun, and one plants Cherry Bomb on every tile. The player can also share game link or watch an advertisement to get a free upgrade plant.
    • In the seed-choosing menu, the player can purchase more items.
  • A level can be sped up to twice or quadruple the normal speed.
  • Creativity Mode can be accessed from the main menu.
  • There is no Tree of Wisdom, and thus no tree food.

Version history

Main article: Plants vs. Zombies: Original Edition/Update history

Upcoming Content

Main article: Plants vs. Zombies: Original Edition/Upcoming content


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